Pressure putting

Learning to succeed

Every person who has ever played the game has missed a crucial short putt. We see it on video tape replays all the time from big tournaments like the Ryder Cup. Teaching yourself to be in the right frame of mind will minimize that happening to you.

Wandering around aimlessly putting on the putting green is also the worst way to practice. Every practice session has to have a purpose and putting practice is no different. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1) Track all your putts for the next rounds you play. Where are your mistakes?

2) Practice putts constantly from 5 to 8 feet. These are the "money" putts that really lower your score. Play the drawback games made famous by Dave Pelz to sharpen your short putts.

3) During practice and during the round never think what a putt is for. Never. Think only about making a good stroke as if you were being video taped for a teaching video.

Here are some good drills:

Drawback and safety drawback
Five-in-a-row from 5 feet or 7 feet
3 from 3,3 from 6, 3 from 9-miss and you start over.
50 in a row from 3 feet.

Have a good practice!

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