Put Your Money....

Perfecting The Smooth Stroke

This practice idea comes to us from John Swanson, Medfield, MA. Congratulations, John has won a Junior Golf Scoreboard towel !

If you're having a hard time on short putts, or any putt and want to find a way to practice a smoother putting stroke, try this drill.

Place a coin on the back side of your putter where the indentation is that you use to pick up your golf ball. The object of the drill is to practice stroking putts so that the coin does not fall off except at the end of your follow through.

Try this drill with every length putt as it will help you on the short putts and the long lag putts. Quite often a player misses shorter putts because they jerk the putter back and through the ball when they are anxious. Keeping the coin on the putter helps perfect a smoother stroke.

When you are ready to challenge yourself some more, try making 5 in a row from 5 feet. When it's time to make that fifth putt, the coin will tell the truth!

Good luck !

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