Personal Best Practice

ABC - Always be challenging

One of the most important success factors to becoming a champion is this sport is to practice as a champion. Junior players who truly want to succeed always find a way to push or challenge themselves, even when they practice. Are you "always challenging yourself?" Here is a way to do it.

Get a small spiral bound notebook that has lined pages. It should be small enough to fit in your golf bag. On the top of every page or every other page, put the name and description of a drill that you do and what your goal is for each drill. It might be a putting drill to make 10 five-footers in a row. Or it might be a range drill to hit 10 consecutive half wedges to a landing spot. Whatever it is, keep track of your personal best in each drill and the date you did each attempt. Then every time you practice always try to challenge your best previous effort. In the putting drill, were you successful the first time or how many times did you have to start over?

Another good use of the book is to use the first page to put reminders about the basics of your swing, i.e grip, stance and alignment for instance. These are thoughts you can use to remind yourself during competition when it's not going well. Also reading over your practice book and looking at all your personal bests the night before or morning you play will put you in the right frame of mind.

Now go practice !!

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