Here We Go Again

Short Game - What else?

We certainly talk a great deal about the short game and the morst frequent thing we see at tournaments is the lack of depth in a player's short game.

"What's that" you ask?

Lack of depth is using only one type of shot around the greens, whether it's always a lob wedge or pitching wedge. Young players love to hit the "hop and stop" shot or a lob. Rarely have we seen juniors have the versatility they need in their short game to be truly good. Every player need to have at least five different types of shots:

** The lob - as we call it the "drop and stop"

** The hop and stop - once bounce and then very little roll

** Bunker shot - high and soft

** Bunker shot - land and release

** 7 or 8 iron - land, release, roll

So, if you are mapping your rounds and how you played, track your short game as to the type of shots you hit or tried to hit. Then practice what you are missing. To be good, you have to be versatile.

Good luck!

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