Know Your Wedges

Each has it's own character

Recently we have been spending some committed practice time around the putting green learning about our different wedges. Most players carry a PW, SW,and some other wedge as part of their arsenal. Do you know how each one behaves?

Obviously spending some time on the range hitting full and half shots is the best thing to so. Being dialed in on each wedge's distance is priority number one, but seeing how each wedge behaves with a half and three quarter swing is just as important. And don't forget to practice shots where you choke down on the club. We all have "punched" out of the woods hoping not to go into the rough on the other side of the fairway.

Next comes the practice green. It is remarkable how each wedge behaves when the ball in centered in your stance or back in your stance. Each wedge has it's own character when you hood the club down or when you open it up. To be great you need to know how and when you should use each club in different ways in short grass and long. That's about six different methods for each club. Try them all.

Looks like you have work to do.

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