"Time Ranger"

By Jason Suedhof

IMG Leadbetter Certified Golf Instructor

Through many years of teaching junior golfers I have witnessed very poor time management. The majority of junior golfers do not have a sense of urgency while playing a round of golf. Most juniors waste time in many different ways. Below are some different ways juniors waste time and some solutions that will help save time. No matter what level of junior golfer you are, there will be something that applies to you. You might even find that some are quite funny and see yourself actually doing these actions. Here are a few faults and fixes.

Pace of walk- When you are not involved in a shot movements need to be with a purpose and your overall pace needs to have a sense of urgency.

Spectating- While others are hitting get the surveying and planning done. Donít wait until they are done with their shot to start.

Lack of organization- Keep your clubs clean and in a specific spot in your bag. Make sure your bag is stocked with accessories. Fill out your scorecard on the move to next tee.

Failing to track errant shots- Be sure to watch your bad shots. Follow them and mark a spot you last saw the ball. Searching for balls is a serious time waster.

Extra practice swings- Be sure to only take 2-3 practice swings unless you are around the greens feeling the shot. Anything more becomes mindless.

Inefficient routines- The best routines are simple, purposeful and at a consistent time. Practice timing your routine at home.

Post shot reactions- Getting mad doesnít help your game. Accept your shots and move on. Be excited to hit the next shot.

Spacing out- Maintain your awareness. There are down times but keep focusing on the present shot and situation.

Be sure to have a sense of urgency while you play your next round. The group behind you expects you to play your round within the time frame. Have a purpose for everything you do on the course. Remember the better you treat the course and game the better it treats you. Have fun and good luck!

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