Short game, short game, short game !!!

By the staff at NJGS

You've heard it a hundred times that working on your short game will pay off on the course. We've visited scores of junior tournaments and the one thing that clearly separates the top ten finishers is their short game or their ability to get up and down from 20 yards in. But practicing your short shots need not be boring and repetitive and probably shouldn't be. Here are a couple of ideas to make it more fun.

"Five times"yes repetition builds muscle memory but it also does not duplicate the "one chance" pressure you have on the course to execute the shot correctly. So while you're working around the green, try to chip it close (one to two feet) five times in a row. Practice making 5 six-foot putts in a row. That fifth shot really simulates that "one chance" pressure you'll feel on the course.

"One chance" this is a practice game where you chip 5 or 10 balls, each to a different flag on the putting green. The goal is to get up and down in two strokes. Keep score. Chip-in is worth minus one (-1), chip and a putt is zero, chip and two putts is plus one (+1). Record your score in your practice book. Do it three times each session and see if you can improve each time.

Have any ideas of your own ?? Share them with us at practice and if we use it you can win a large NJGS golf towel.

Play well

The Staff at NJGS

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