One Club at a Time

Paul Johnson - NJGS

The driving range is a great place to simulate tournament conditions if you know how to use that time.

One of the negatives of practicing on the range is that taking several swings with the same club lets you get better with that club. On the course however, you only get one chance to hit that six iron. So here's a drill to duplicate that pressure.

Take five or six clubs from your bag including your driver or three wood depending on what you hit from the tee. Line the clubs up next to your bag and use them in random order, much like you would do on the course. Then take only one shot, with a pre-shot routine, with each club until you have gone through the set of five clubs once each. Grade each shot using any method you want (great,ok,lousy), (5pts,3pts,0pts) and try to maximize your score for three rounds or a total of 15 swings. Keep a log and always try to set a personal best.

When you're on the course with that "one swing" chance, have your mind pretend like you are on the practice tee trying to set a personal best rather than focusing or worrying about your score or making the shot. You might find it's more relaxing and will help you put the ball where you want it more often.

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